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FGCI says solidarity to Donbass and all antifascists

FGCI Department of Foreign Affairs

The FGCI expresses its solidarity to Riccardo Sotgia, a brave antifascist, and condemns Kiev’s threats to antifascists all over the world.

Riccardo is a great comrade who actively practises proletarian, internationalist solidarity. He went three times in the Donbass, to monitor the local elections and bring much needed aid to the population under

Riccardo’s help, on a completely voluntary basis, should be praised by all and held in high esteem, as the International Brigades in Spain were.

Instead, Nazi elements in the Ukrainian State seek to punish him for this, accusing him of armed conspiration, espionage and terrorism.
These accusations are laughable and can only believed by frenzied
Ukrainian nationalists, but still entail a high personal risk for Riccardo: the post-Maidan Ukrainian regime seeks to smother with violence all antifascist and democratic voices telling the truth about the country.

The FGCI notes that the election of Volodymyr Zelensky left in their places a myriad of Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists, who now form the backbone of the Ukrainian State. Zelensky is better than the rabidly Nazi Poroshenko, but the freedom of actions for Nazis in post-Maidan Ukraine is unchanged.

The FGCI supports Riccardo’s and all antifascists’ support for the democratic cause in Ukraine, for the statehood of Donbass and in defence of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. We call the Italian State and justice to do the same and protect Riccardo against Kiev’s threats, in the name of our Italian Constitution born from the Resistance to Nazi-Fascism.

For Antifascism, for Democracy and for Donbass!